The Short Story.

After discovering triathlon in 2004, Helle Frederiksen turned professional after graduating from the University of Copenhagen in 2008 with a Master of Science Degree in Physical Education & Human Nutrition. Helle was able to break through on the international racing scene right away with 3 victories at ETU European Cups and a 2nd place best finish at an ITU World Cup. In 2012, the Danish triathlete qualified for the London Olympics, fulfilling her life-long ambition to represent Denmark at the Olympic Games. In 2013, Helle transitioned to non-draft Ironman 70.3 and Lifetime Triathlon racing, with immediate success. In the first transitional season, Helle won the only two Ironman 70.3 races she competed in (San Juan and Miami), won the Miami Lifetime Tri and finished second in no less than 4 Lifetime Tri Series races, ending the 2013 Lifetime Tri Series in the runner up position.

In 2014 Helle Frederiksen showcased her world class ability, winning two of the biggest prize purses in the sport, the prestigious Hy-Vee 5150 Elite Cup and Challenge Bahrain, putting Helle at the top of total prize purse earning list for that year.

2015 saw Frederiksen take the Latin American  Championship crown in Brasilia, Brazil and also take a course record at IRONMAN 70.3 Texas. Helle Frederiksen remains one of the most consistent athletes on the international racing scene.

Helle Frederiksen’s record since 2013 has seen her start 24 international competitions, finishing 23 of the 24, claiming 10 x victories, 11 x 2nd place finishes and 2 x 3rd place finishes. No finish since October 2012 has seen Helle place outside the top 3 in an international competition. To date no female has gone quicker than Helle’s 3:55:50 finish, set at Challenge Bahrain 2014, for the 1.9km swim, 90km bike, 21.1km run, half-distance format.

Date of birth: 5.3.1981
Nationality: Danish
Hometown: Boulder, Colorado / Clermont, Florida
Weight: 53kg
Height: 171cm
Trainer/Coach: Joel Filliol
Manager/Husband: Ben Powell

My thoughts. My opinion & My reflections.

Just Helle and her open mind.

Riding Trek and Bontrager towards first Kona attempt

Press Release: As the New Year is upon us, Danish professional triathlete Helle Frederiksen enters the 2018 season with new focuses and a new partnership with bicycle industry leaders, Trek Bicycle Corporation. Focus on IRONMAN and Kona Standing as an IRONMAN rookie, having recently completed her IRONMAN debut in Arizona, with a second-place finish and a new Danish record of 8:55:35, Helle Frederiksen now turns her career focus towards full-distance IRONMAN. In doing so, Frederiksen will receive the full backing of Trek and Bontrager as the Danish Olympian makes her first attempt at Kona in 2018. “I’m over the moon to be given the trust and backing of Trek. My entire career has been built with focus on high-performance and no compromises. This aligns well with Trek. Their bikes and wheels, along with performance expertise, will ensure I have every advantage on the bike when racing.” Tipped for success As an accomplished ITU athlete and London 2012 Olympian, Helle Frederiksen has been widely tipped for success at IRONMAN. Frederiksen says “Full-distance IRONMAN was only going to happen when I felt I was ready. Now with 8 x IRONMAN 70.3 victories and major accomplishments over the Olympic and half-distance, I feel I’m physically and mentally ready for the challenge of IRONMAN. It is a massive commitment. To perform at the highest level takes a big effort and a lot of logistics, to now have Trek on board as both equipment and performance specialists it is a big asset to me and very reassuring.” Sports Marketing Director at Trek, Tim Vanderjeugd spoke of his confidence in Helle and her joining Trek,...

Through the lens; committing to racing at your best

An educational photo series captured by Danish Sports Photographer, Jesper Grønnemark with words by Helle Frederiksen. To be our best and to race at our best we need to recognize the things that help us perform. This photo series captures my environment that, as a team, we have invested in, providing me the best opportunity to race at my best. – Build your team Triathlon on paper is an individual sport, yet to be successful in triathlon it is anything but an individual sport. Like most things, the environment that we create for ourselves is something we have a lot of control over. People and the people we work with contribute to this environment. Never under estimate the importance and impact good people have on your performance, irrelevant of your targets. Patrizia Pastwa has become influential in bringing me back to the top of this sport from injury, and is one of those people who enables me to race at my best. I wanted to race at my best at The Island House Invitational Triathlon and having Patrizia on hand was going to enable me to do this. Recognizing event logistics and eliminating stress Being 9 years a professional and having raced in over 120 international competitions, you learn to recognize quite easily the things that cause stress and negatively impact a race. Going into competition, your goal should always be to eliminate as much stress as possible. Familiarize yourself with the surroundings and logistics of a race. Ask yourself “Can you ride?”, “What are the logistics to riding?”, “Where and when will you train?”. Asking yourself these questions...

Overcoming challenges for a stronger version of you

It’s been a period spanning 18-months. 18 long, career changing months, but now, having dealt with chronic knee and leg injuries for what has no doubt been the darkest days of my eight year professional triathlon career, it’s time for me shed light on my story. A story I hope will help you recognize that injury doesn’t make you a weaker, lesser athlete—if you want it to—injury can make you a stronger, better and more well-rounded athlete. I’ve kept the whole story of my injuries on the down-low for much of the past 18-months, mostly because I’ve only recently come out of the battle. I hadn’t found a safe place and I hadn’t found the confident Helle that was sure of herself. It’s not easy to admit that I—an Olympian and now 7-time IRONMAN 70.3 Champion—was struggling every day to be pain free. As professional athletes we’re perceived as “super human” but in fact we are anything but. We are just like you, and just like anyone else we think, ponder, wonder and analyze. We get scared when something we love so much could potentially be taken away from us. The truth be told there were periods during this injury/recovery period, whilst partially bed-bound, I couldn’t see a return to the sport. Not because my drive and passion was no longer there, but because people couldn’t give me answers. People couldn’t accurately tell me what was wrong. But I’m here now—fit, healthy and on a road to the strongest version of me. For some time now I have wanted to share some of the key points that brought me...

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