10-Week Triathlon Bootcamp

time to get your focus back

Starting this week (Monday June 8th), this is your chance to join Olympian & World Champion, Helle Frederiksen, for a 10-week virtual bootcamp and restart your triathlon training.


From in-season training to race-day nutrition, you will learn what it takes to set goals, train towards them and achieve them.


You will receive a 10-week training plan, delivered weekly, cleverly designed and built by Helle. Suitable for athletes of all levels.


Access to the bootcamp community on Facebook and connect with members from around the world.

Learnings that last

Over the 10-weeks you will be led on an insightful  journey of race-specific training and learning.

But the journey doesn’t stop there. At the end of the bootcamp, you will have the opportunity to put your hard work to test, preparing you for the road ahead.

“I personally think this is an unbeatable experience worth the time and money, especially if you’re looking to up your triathlon game.”

-Diego G. Past Bootcamp Participant

10-Week Triathlon Bootcamp


  • World-Class Mentorship
  • Tailored Video Learning
  • Live Webcasts
  • 10-Week Structured Training Plan
  • 180 Club Sessions
  • Global Community
  • All Star Guest Contributors

A goal to train for

Encouraging you to be ambitious and dedicated to your training, the bootcamp is designed around setting yourself goals and to bring focus to your routine. Whatever your goal, we’ll help you achieve it.

A goal to train for

The bootcamp is designed to help you set goals and bring focus to your training. Encouraging you to be ambitious and dedicated to your target. Whatever your goal, we’ll help you acheive it.

A pace that suits you

Whether you want to hit the treadmill after work or you’re planning a weekend ride, the programme is designed to fit around your lifestyle.


Helle is committed to providing you with a powerful 10-week training experience. Calling on some of triathlons most trusted advisors, Helle has assembled a world-class team of contributing educators. 


Helle is committed to providing you with a powerful 10-week training experience. Calling on some of triathlons most trusted advisors, Helle has assembled a world-class team of contributing educators.

World-Class Educators


Host & Lead Educator

Helle retired from professional racing in September 2019. Her performance resume includes being a London 2012 Olympian, 2018 ITU Long Distance World Champion, 10 x IRONMAN 70.3 Champion and the current holder of the world’s best half-distance time: 355:50. Helle holds a Bachelor Degree in Sport Science and a Master Degree in Human Nutrition.


Co-Host & Educator

Ben and Helle have been side-by-side since 2010. The husband and wife duo have a deep knowledge of Triathlon and human performance. Ben is highly respected throughout the sport and has helped guide Helle’s career with management, coaching and performance.


Dan Lorang

Performance Coach

Dan Lorang is highly regarded as one of the most successful triathlon coaches in modern times. Dan is the primary coach of IRONMAN World Champions, as well as holds a central coaching role at BORA-Hansgrohe Cycling Team.

Patrizia Pastwa

Injury Prevention

Patrizia Pastwa specializes in injury prevention and body conditioning. Patrizia was a key part of Helle’s performance team as an athlete. Patrizia has treated and advised both amateur and elite athletes across a variety of sports.

Ivan O’Gorman

Bike Fit & Equipment

Ivan O’Gorman is one of cycling and triathlon’s leading educators on bike positioning. Ivan is renowned for his whole body mindset. His expertise are of value to amateurs, World Tour cycling stars and Professional Triathletes. 

Special Guests

Athletes & Specialists

Throughout the 10-week period there will be a series of special guest appearances from world-class athletes and brilliant minds. Guests will appear in a variety of ways from leading Zwift workouts to guest video educators.


Can I join even if I am new and haven't raced a triathlon yet?

Absolutely! Helle is a performance coach that works with athletes of all levels. This bootcamp is designed to be accommodating and beneficial to all – irrelevant of the ability. As long as you can swim, bike and run, this bootcamp will be of benefit to you.

What Triathlon distance is the bootcamp suited for?

This bootcamp is for triathlon as a whole sport. Helle’s unique method will be valuable to you, no matter if you compete in Sprint, Olympic, Middle or Full Distance triathlon events. The plans will be built to accommodate those who can train between 5 – 15 hours a week of various abilities. 

How will the training plans be delivered to me?

The bootcamp training plan will be delivered to your email inbox weekly. They will be provided in an easy to read PDF format, easy to read on mobile and printer friendly. The plans are yours to keep for future use beyond the bootcamp.

How will you build the training plan for me?

Once you have signed up for the bootcamp, each participant will receive a onboarding questionnaire via email. Your answers will tell us about you. The training plan will be designed in a way that gives you structure and choice in the training you do.

What if I already have a coach and a training plan?

The workouts that are provided are not compulsory. 35% of Helle’s previous Triathlon bootcamp had a coach. The learning content will help athletes irrelevant if they have a coach or not. The bootcamp can compliment any coaching plan that a coach provides.

Can I access the learnings videos after the 10-weeks?

Yes. The learning videos will be available to watch after the 10-week bootcamp is complete. The links will remain live after the bootcamp has finished.

Where will the bootcamp be hosted?

Communications will take place via email and inside of the community aspect of the club which is to be hosted on Facebook in a purpose built Closed Facebook Group. To access the community members will need a private Facebook account. It is not compulsory to join the community, however a lot of personal engagement from Helle and Ben happens inside of the Facebook Group with participant of the bootcamp. You will receive all training plans and video content via emails irrelevant if you join the Facebook Group or not.

A Snippet of the program

In addition to every participant receiving a 10-week training plan and exclusive video access, every participant can look forward to a value packed program including virtual training sessions, world-class guest appearances, pro athlete training partners and unique insights. Here’s a glimpse at what’s coming up.

Helle drawing back the curtain on race preparation

Guest athletes leading group training ride on Zwift

Helle diving deep into race nutrition and sharing her 2018 Kona nutrition plan

Ivan O’Gorman educates on the fundamentals of bike positioning and cycling efficiency

Patrizia Pastwa covering injury prevention and body conditioning

Dan Lorang sharing his coaching knowledge

Special guest talks that dive deep into what it takes to be a goal setter

A final day with a difference