I am happy to announce GoPro as an official partner for 2012. Using GoPro HD products/video technology will allow me to analyse areas of my training and performance that have been unexplored previously. GoPro will allow the work and co-operation with my overseas coach, Joel Filliol to be at the highest level possible. File sharing technology and regular communication will mean my relationship with Joel is hands on despite our overseas relationship.
GoPro will allow no stone to be unturned as I prepare for my biggest Triathlon year to date.
I will use GoPro in many aspects of my daily training. Continuous work in the water, out on the road, both running and riding will help me push my training analysis to a new level. GoPro will allow me to engage with my followers and supporters, giving me the opportunity to teach, show and inspire the grass roots of todays sport.
As the sport continues to grow it is important that we, as athletes, are able and willing to grow with it. Working with GoPro enables me to stay in touch with the needs of professional racing and performance.
Having access, not only to GoPro products but also GoPro production team will really ensure we get the very best out of today’s leading HD video footage.
I am privileged to join a very select group of athletes that includes windsurf guru Christopher Friis. I am honored to join a very select but exclusive group of athletes formed by GoPro Brand Manager, Anders Elmholdt Pedersen.
Anders recently commented on my representation of GoPro. “Helle is a world class athlete and an amazing ambassador for Go Pro. We look forward to supporting Helle towards her Olympic qualification”.
I want to take this opportunity to thank all my current sponsors and partners to date.
I look forward to a successful and beneficial partnership with GoPro. Follow my website, Facebook and Twitter pages for regular video updates 🙂