What a way to start my Christmas celebrations by announcing Nike as a continued sponsor in 2013. Having signed an initial two year contract back in 2010, Nike will remain a major partner to my career as a professional triathlete in both 2013 and 2014.

Like most of us I am someone who occasionally needs reassurance, reassurance that the things I am doing and the things I believe in are correct. These reassurances and beliefs primarily come from training and racing results, however sponsors contribute massively to the belief an athlete carries with them day to day. Over the past years I have really worked hard to solidify my brand and my position as a professional sports person with a Master in Human Nutrition. I believe strongly in what I do and will continue to operate to my beliefs.

Having Nike as a major partner brings no greater reassurance and belief; the path that I am currently on is a path that is recognized and trusted by the worlds leading apparel company. Words can not describe what their support means to me. I certainly believe my biggest career result is yet to be achieved, however being part of a very select and trusted group of Nike sponsored athletes will always be considered as a highlight now and in years to come.