Just under 12 months ago I wrote my thoughts on a certain Mr. Armstrong entering the world of triathlon. I was excited to follow his progress and the impact it would have on our sport. He was an inspiration to many at that time, including myself.

Now I have no respect for him what so ever.

This is what I now think.

– Lance deserves his life time ban.
– Lance deserves never to race in sport again.
– Lance deserves to loose everything he has lost.
– Lance deserves to be forgotten.

However Lance does deserve some credit for the fact that no matter how much PED’s he used he is an exceptional sporting performer.

I am tired of hearing about Lance!

– All those that were, and are, part of the same culture deserve lifetime bans from ALL sport.
–¬†Know one¬†deserves a lighter sentence for admitting the use of PEDs, know one deserves a come back after cheating.

My question after all of this is how can governing bodies and federations justify a non-lifetime ban for anyone who uses PEDs. On what grounds do they believe people deserve another shot in sport when they are caught cheating or confess to cheating? That system is a joke!

I encourage the day where the rules for ALL sports state ‘you dope, your banned for life – zero exceptions.’