Well we are now in September and yet again the race season is almost done. Not mine, but I am sure many of yours is. My 2012 year was all about qualifying for the Olympics and achieving my best result. I hadn’t really planned much beyond this. Despite achieving qualification, I did not achieve my best result at the games. Such is life, we learn, we get stronger and we look ahead. It has taken me some time to figure out exactly what I want from the remainder of my 2012 season. Do I chase the ITU World Triathlon Series and head to the grand final in Auckland? Do I take my end of year break and have a holiday? I have asked myself many questions over the past month. Not only have I asked myself questions but so have interested persons…Kona, Kids and Investment have been dropped into the Q&A sessions. All questions have been quickly disregarded with either laughter, looks of insanity or “not now”.
Now I think that people assume that because I am 31, well educated and now an Olympian – I should be content. Firstly I am not really 31, I am 24, or at least I feel this way in my mind and in my body. I am still learning, still developing and most importantly still getting faster. I do not want to waste this speed by opting for career change to long distance racing or even starting a family – hell no! When I can not keep up with the fastest short distance triathletes on the planet then perhaps I will reconsider. I do, however, understand that sometimes in order to become good and stay fresh in the mind we need new areas of focus. With this philosophy in mind and knowing that four years is a long way I am going to incorporate new formats, non-draft and middle distance events all with one aim in mind – to enhance my racing knowledge and experience as a professional triathlete. I am not kidding myself here, I do not think long distance racing is my forte but that said I would still like investigate the format. I get my kick out of being competitive with the fastest short distance racers on the planet. I have every respect for the long distance athletes; never will I just step into a new format thinking it will be a breeze. The Olympics is what drives me, especially knowing that not everyone can get there. Long distance and Ironman events are accessible to all, the Olympics are not, for this reason I am Olympic driven.
The rest of my 2012 season is about enjoying and learning. I will head over to the UK this weekend to compete in the Virgin Active London Triathlon; from there it is home, before a short trip to Frankfurt visiting the ‘bike fit’ master Lloyd Thomas, back to Denmark for a few days to discuss new business concepts with LOOK, then I fly west to Cancun, Mexico where I will race the ITU World Cup, finally then heading to Florida for a camp with my coach Joel, where the plans are to race either Rev3 Venice beach or Ironman 70.3 Miami. Last but not least – some well earned vacation.
The support team that will carry me for the next four years is continuing to take shape. There are some exciting doors opening and some innovative concepts being explored. I am looking forward to expanding and strengthening the current support group. I will of course keep you all updated as the developments take place and partnerships are formed.
Thanks for all your continued support.