Hhhhhmmmmm Beijing…to be honest I have already forgotten about the race (or lack of) so not really so much I can fill you in on. I can say that I was extremely frustrated and annoyed to not fully get into the race. There were 1 or 2 factors that lead to my DNF but nothing worth talking about. No excuses. I am now fully focused on Yokohama. I am hungry and driven to prove a point, one thing is for sure I have some devils inside to let 🙂

I am currently now in Yokohama I arrived Thursday evening. I am regularly training with Lisa (Nordén) as I am the only member from Denmark at the race. It is nice to push some hard swims together and get out on the bike. Lisa is great company so it is nice not to be alone while travelling. Yokohama is a busy place and extremely hot and humid. Everyone is in the same race though so no disadvantage here. From now until Monday (race day) it is all about keeping the legs active and then making sure I am on that start line ready.

Thanks for all you support. Live coverage of the event can be seen via www.triathlonlive.tv