Whilst now sitting on my flight from Lanzarote to Denmark I had time to reflect, time to summarise my past 4 months stay based at Europe’s Biggest Playground – Club La Santa.

Why Europe’s biggest playground? Well Club La Santa is just this; Europe’s biggest playground for active people. If you are an active person, there is simply no better place to come and spend your vacation. Club La Santa is also a Triathlon mecca, beginners, amateurs, elites and professionals from all over the globe use the resort as a winters and all year round training location.

Having been in the fortunate position to partner Club La Santa back in November 2011, my winter home has been nothing but perfect. In this blog I want to highlight a few areas, areas that have allowed me to successfully complete my most consistent winter period to date.

Climate & Location

Club La Santa being situated on the Volcanic Island of Lanzarote, offers a perfect training climate through the winter months. Exact temperature figures I am not so sure of, however one thing I can tell you is I have never had to consider putting on a pair of over shoes, wrapping my fingers in full covered gloves, actually not even wearing a full length cycling jacket in the whole 4 months. That I think says enough about the winter climate in Lanzarote.

The location and surrounding area of Club La Santa is ideal. Based on the North Western side of the island, there is perfect access to all terrains for cycling and running. Cycling in general is tough, not only due to the terrain but more due to the wind. Strong consistent winds are common for the island, but for sure if they do anything to you, they make you strong. Staying at Club La Santa I predict a maximum 200m walk from the furthest apartment to the Olympic 50m pool, closest being approximately 50m. Alongside this there are additional swimming facilities connected to the resort, a large salt-water lagoon. Perfect for open water swim practice. So travelling to your training facilities is certainly not necessary here.

Atmosphere & Environment

Having now been established for well over 25 years Club La Santa has a very special and unique atmosphere. You always feel welcome, whether you are travelling alone, with the family or with a group the place just seems to grab you. More importantly the resort is able to cater for you, this I think leads to the atmosphere, everyone feels secure here. There is certainly the chilled, laid back atmosphere and no one person stands out. Not even the retro 80’s clothing fanatic, wearing high socks accompanied by a cycling helmet walking into the famous Atlántico morning buffet!!! Really these people do exist but only in Club La Santa.

Where else in the world, as a guest, are you able to share a dining hall, share a swim lane or even grab a coffee with the likes of Fernando Alonso, Felipe Massa, Tom Kristensen, Helen Jenkins, Alistair Brownlee, Chrissie Wellington, Johnny Brownlee, Mark Cavendish, Lars Bak. For me the only place I know is Club La Santa.

For this reason my stay at Club La Santa has been extremely pleasant, often amusing but for all the good reason. A relaxed mind and the comfort you are not alone is a great combination for success.


Well from a Triathletes perspective Club La Santa has everything. Okay, not literally everything but for sure everything we need to make our stay here a success. In house facilities include, as mentioned a 50m Outdoor Olympic Pool, 6 lane outdoor 400m running track, State of the art Fitness Centre consisting of 7 treadmills, 4 – 5 rowing machines, 5 cross trainers, complete weight range, stretch/core area the list goes on and on. You get my point – a lot of equipment and a vast amount of facilities.

This combination of climate and location, atmosphere and environment accompanied by in house facilities has resulted in a very successful and beneficial 4 months on Club La Santa.

Aside from all of the above there are many people that have contributed to such a successful winter period. These people often act as both training buddies and close friends. Friends who have been able to continually make me smile, laugh and be grateful for my life as a professional Triathlete.

A big thanks to Club La Santa, Amber Clarke, Richard Hulse, Stuart Westwood, Ole Storm, Brian Pamperin, Ronja Ries Højbjerg, Maja Stage Nielsen, Philip Graves, Jürgen Stilgenbauer, Daniel Unger, Stephan Vuckovic, Mark Dowling, Bob Foy, James Mitchell, Eneko Llanos, Ruth Brito Curbelo, Miguel Angel, Ainhoa Murua, Jon, Timo Bracht, Esben Hovgaard, Rasmus Petræus, Michelle Vesterby, Jens Petersen-Bach, Jacob Petersen-Bach, Nicholas Ward Munoz, Tomaz Ostir.

A special thanks goes to Danielle and Fisioterapia San Bartolome for her endless support and maintenance of my body throughout the entire 4-month period in Lanzarote. Danielle has worked as my personal physiotherapist and masseuse doing amazing work.

Now 2012 really starts, a 6-week period that sees me head down under to start the season. Basing myself in Noosa, Australia through March until mid April. ITU World Cup Mooloolaba is to be my first race of the year. I look forward to getting started and putting a great winter base to good use.

Thanks for your continued support and following. Keep track of my website, Facebook and Twitter page for regular updates.