Lance: My FINAL thoughts.

Just under 12 months ago I wrote my thoughts on a certain Mr. Armstrong entering the world of triathlon. I was excited to follow his progress and the impact it would have on our sport. He was an inspiration to many at that time, including myself.

Now I have no respect for him what so ever.

This is what I now think.

– Lance deserves his life time ban.
– Lance deserves never to race in sport again.
– Lance deserves to loose everything he has lost.
– Lance deserves to be forgotten.

However Lance does deserve some credit for the fact that no matter how much PED’s he used he is an exceptional sporting performer.

I am tired of hearing about Lance!

– All those that were, and are, part of the same culture deserve lifetime bans from ALL sport.
–¬†Know one¬†deserves a lighter sentence for admitting the use of PEDs, know one deserves a come back after cheating.

My question after all of this is how can governing bodies and federations justify a non-lifetime ban for anyone who uses PEDs. On what grounds do they believe people deserve another shot in sport when they are caught cheating or confess to cheating? That system is a joke!

I encourage the day where the rules for ALL sports state ‘you dope, your banned for life – zero exceptions.’


  1. Oh, so you never thought L.A doped before he actually admitted his use of PED’s ? You must never have read any books on the subject nor the culture of pro cycling. You can just start be reading le tour by Joakim Jakobson, then you will probably start realising how much it has been a part for over around 100 years.

    And you certainly don’t believe in people can change, since you state that he (or no one else) deserves no second chances what-so-ever. But you still think he an exceptional sportsman, yet he deserves to be forgotten. Let me just ask you, are you for real ?

    A very narrow-sighted and fragile view of things if you ask me. But one is very much entitled to ones own opinion.

    Hope you feel better about yourself.

  2. The problem is that they were ALL doing it….

  3. Very narrow-sighted view indeed. I understand why you say this, but i really hope you dont get caught yourself someday doing something wrong!
    If that happened i guess you hope for forgiveness and yourself, but if everybody is like you are, then you are in big trouble.

    And everone new that ALL cyclist from that era used dope, but not you!!!
    in my book, i think you are not stupid and you knew he was doped, but now when he admittede you does the popular thing by crusifieng him…. I rrepeat another comment here: Let me just ask you, are you for real ?

  4. There’s a certain amount of double standards at play here. A lot of former and current riders have admitted to doping, served their time, and have returned to their active careers. Some are even the new “heroes” of anti-doping. Why is this different with LA? Sure, he may have been an arrogant SOB and have been unpleasant in many ways, but does that make his crime any bigger? He was a part of the same game as everybody else was at the time. He may have been the best at it, but he still “just” did what everybody else did. So why is he to be treated differently?

    He should do his time as a first time offender (As you may have noticed, he never – officially – failed a test) and be allowed to return, as all other first time offenders.

  5. What happened here? I would have expected that everybody agreed with your point of view. I agree. Totally! Only match fixing is worse than doping.

    So my respect goes out to all clean athletes. I strive for a sub3 marathon result and know how hard it is but I would never consider to take a short cut using doping.

    And my respect certainly also goes out to you. So fast!

    Keep on the good work

  6. Du burde hoppe ud over et bjerg med de holdninger du kommer med!

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