Become a Better Swimmer

It is the season to become a Better Swimmer. And it is that time of year where I’m able to give back and off-load some of what I know to help you become a better athlete.

In partnership with Ikast Svømmehal and Puori Daily Nutrients, I’m excited to bring back my Better Swimmer concept. The successful swim training clinics that I last performed back in 2012.


’Better Swimmer Clinic’ provided an inspiring framework to help me in obtaining success in the pool. Technical issues were addressed and with a combined approach (in water/on land) that left me inspired with many take-aways. I truly recommend Better  Swimmer – both as an investment but also to achieve whatever goals you set for yourself as a swimmer.

Trine T.

Better Swimmer Participant 2012

The Objective

Quite simply, the objective of a Better Swimmer clinic is to make you a Better Swimmer. I, along with my right-hand/husband/coach/advisor, Ben (#BP), will act as your coaches during a highly personal swim clinic. We’ll put our eyes (and cameras) onto your swimming with a goal of making you better. We’ll be getting hands on and personal with you as we analyse your swimming, giving advice and guidance on the fly, with a detailed video analysis delivered by myself after the clinic is complete.

The Package


Pre-clinic screening via email, identifying the needs of each participant on the course. We will cater for swimmers of all levels.

2-hour swim instruction at Ikast Svømmehal. A mixture of land and pool work. Working personally with each participant, amongst a group of no more than 6 persons at any one clinic. Your stroke would be filmed during this session.

Post-clinic video analysis with voice-over feedback and visual prompts provided by Helle. This analysis will combine above and below video footage taken from the swim clinic, giving you a good understanding of where your focus needs to be in order to become a Better Swimmer.

Entry to Ikast Svømmehal is included and each participant will receive swag items.

Better Swimmer Price 1395 kr.


Better Swimmer clinics will be run on the 1st and 2nd December and also 6th January. Due to a strong interest in Better Swimmer, there are now limited slots remaining. Please see below availability.

Entries will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis;


Sunday, 2nd December – 13:00 – 15:00 (2 Slots Available)

Sunday, 6th January – 15:30 – 17:30 (4 Slots available)



Have a question about Better Swimmer? Contact us

Helle and Ben are a credit to the endurance sports world. Professional, forthcoming and creative.

Johnny N.

‘Coach’ is what I would call ‘wonder woman’. Her guidance and coaching has really been effective. In my 4th year with HF I made my IRONMAN debut in 10:13:41.

Mads K.

Helle has been by my side as my coach since summer 2017. She’s very dedicated and professional and she supports me on a daily basis with targeted programs, constructive feedback and support – both when things are working very well and when I face injury. She’s always ready to share her deep knowledge and extended experience within the sport, which is of great value on a day to day basis and inexpressible when going into races. Helle gave me so much confidence when I had my debut at Kona.

Carsten N.